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Universal Credit: how we can help you

Annie is 25 years old and is a single occupant at her home in Newport. When she recently lost her job, she went straight to the Job Centre Plus and was told she would need to make a claim for Universal Credit.

She would need to make this claim online, something that worried Annie as she didn’t have access to the internet. Realising she needed some help, she contacted Charter. We helped her make a claim for Universal Credit and guided her through the process.

Universal Credit is paid monthly and Annie would have to wait nearly six weeks before receiving her first payment. As her concerns grew she sought further help from Charter. We helped her to access an advance payment so that she would be able to manage financially until she received her full payment.

Annie had never had to budget her expenses on a monthly basis before, something that worried her. Our Money Savers worked with her to draw up a monthly budget, helping her to plan her spending so that all her essential bills were paid.

For Annie, applying for Universal Credit was a worrying process, but by using the help available to her at Charter she was able to continue with her claim with the help she needed.

Remember, if you have to make a claim for Universal Credit and need help with any part of the claims process, please contact us. Call us on 01633 212375


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