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Torfaen Council Want Views on Black Bin Collection

Torfaen council is currently undertaking a review of its black bin collections in order to meet future statutory recycling targets for Welsh councils.

Torfaen’s recycling targets, which are set by the Welsh Government, will increase to 58% in 2015/16, with the council facing fines in the region of £100,000 for every 1% it falls below these targets.  

All Welsh councils must reach recycling rates of 70% by 2025. Torfaen currently recycles 52% of its waste (which is the current statutory target), meaning that unless it can collect more recycling, it will face significant fines. The impact of these fines will affect everyone in Torfaen either through reduced services or higher fees and charges.

The bulk of waste produced by the average household in Torfaen can now be recycled at the kerbside. Unfortunately, a huge amount of material that could be recycled continues to be placed in the black bin and sent to landfill, or for incineration.

The council is currently investigating three options designed to encourage residents to use the recycling services available at the kerbside. 

You can see the options and give your views on the Torfaen Council website, here

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