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When 19 year old Sean was offered the opportunity to join Countrywide Grounds Maintenance as a trainee landscape gardener, he jumped at the chance. Sean has been working with our Employability Officer David Gape, who provides support into employment for Charter tenants.

David is currently working with our contractors to develop training and employment opportunities for Charter tenants. When an opportunity became available at Countrywide, David knew he had just the right person for the job.

Sean was thrilled at the opportunity and took on the position with great enthusiasm, “I am really excited about this opportunity, I’ve always wanted hands on work and to work outside.” He continues, “I can start living my dream of passing my driving test and buying a car.”

For Employability Officer David, Sean’s enthusiasm and ongoing commitment has been a great encouragement. He said, “It’s so pleasing to be able to support people into these life changing opportunities. I’d like to wish Sean all the best for the future.”

Sean has now successfully completed his training at Countrywide and has been offered a full time role.

If you would like to speak to our Employability Officer David Gape, phone 01633 678514


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