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Saving a pretty penny

We aren’t all good at saving money, and lots of us have already tightened our belts, so how could we possibly save any more?

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves… well this challenge requires you to look after them both, which will accumulate a saving of £667.95! A nifty way of saving a pretty penny without you even noticing.

Join Charter’s Rent and Income Team who are leading 2017’s Penny Challenge!

The 1p saving challenge

On day 1 save 1p

On day 2 save 2p

On day 3 save 3p

And so on until you get to the end of the year and you would have saved £667.95

Save daily or save weekly, the choice is yours! Some people find it easier to break the savings into 52 weeks of the year rather than daily amounts. The total is still the same.


Don’t lose track of your savings

Download a daily-trackerweekly-tracker or use our monthly-spreadsheet

You will need

  • Loose change
  • A piggy bank you can’t break into!
  • Will power
  • Patience
  • Visualisation of £667.95!


You’re not alone!

Charter’s Rent and Income Team will be tracking their Penny Challenge journey on Twitter and here on our website. Follow them for news, updates and tips.

What is your experience of saving a penny a day? Do you have any tips to share?

It’s not too late to join throughout the year. Use either the daily-tracker or weekly-tracker to calculate how much to put into your piggy bank and pick up from there!

Remember, strong will power and patience will give you money to spend for Christmas 2017 and perhaps some left over for the sales!

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