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Owl Messaging Service: Messages can be distributed through OWL to specific locations:

An example:
There has been a spate of shed breaks/theft from motor vehicles/dwelling burglaries/bogus callers etc in (A Street) in (B Area).

The facilities on OWL will allow us to send messages containing; appeals for information, crime prevention advice etc directly to those residents living on the specific street, surrounding streets, ward, the LPU or across the whole force.

Other messages could include:
• Identification of property – reuniting it with the original owner
• Appeals for sightings of vehicles/potential witnesses
• Reassurance following local incidents / crime trends
• Crime prevention advice
• Arrests / charges following appeals for information
• Results of local operations
• Local campaigns/initiatives
• Police surgeries / PACT meetings / events
• Newsletters / Surveys

As well as updates about what the Neighbourhood Policing Teams are doing locally.

How are messages sent ?
The system allows messages to be sent by telephone, fax, email, mobile telephone, flyers or letters – this ensures those people who do not have access to the internet do not miss out.

How can people register?
Residents can complete the OWL leaflet and return to the local Neighbourhood Policing Team and/or Neighbourhood Watch member where they will be added to the system.

Alternatively residents can apply directly online, simply by

There is no cost to sign up, it’s completely freeowl messaging leaflet

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