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Our gardening competition is changing…

There are lots of beautiful gardens in our communities and we’ve noticed over the past few years that not all of these gardens get entered into our gardening competition. So this year we’ve decided to change things up a little…

We want to show our appreciation to those customers who look after their gardens, so our teams across Charter and our friends across the Pobl Group have been keeping their eyes peeled for great gardens – and they may be paying you a visit with a voucher to say thank you and well done!

If you are proud of your garden or think your neighbours garden is blooming brilliant you can still let us know – message us on Facebook or Twitter, email us: or call us on 01633 212 375 If you’re able to send us photos of the garden that would be great!

The Pobl in Bloom garden appreciation season closes at the end of September, so make sure you get in touch before then!

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