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New Active Inclusion Project

Charter Housing are running a new history and heritage project in the boroughs of Torfaen and Caerphilly.

 It is an Active Inclusion Fund (AIF) project funded by the European Social Fund.

 The project started in April 2016 and will run until July 2017.  The project is aimed at people over the age of 25 and will also aim to provide a range of diverse and local activities linked to researching your heritage and history.  This project is aimed primarily at participants who are not in employment, education or training.  Our staff will provide support throughout the sessions and will encourage all participates to gain and use digital skills to access a variety of online resources.  The project is unique as it also has elements of environmental aims such as incorporating recycled materials and the opportunity to get creative by looking at encouraging participants to producing a final piece of craft or visual artwork which can be exhibited locally. 

 The project will run on a weekly basis and will link with other local provision and groups to expand the options available to the project participants.  It is hoped that we can create an independent group who may wish to continue their history and heritage journey long into the future.

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