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Grow Wild

Young people from the Llanfoist estate came together this summer to take part in the brilliant ‘Apprentice’ style project called ‘Grow Wild’.

grow wild 2

Supported by the Charter Youth Team, 19 young people from ages 8-16 were set a challenge with a budget of £100 to come up with a business idea which would benefit the community and also make a profit for them to spend as they wish… within reason of course!

The young people quickly set to work conducting market research, using the internet and consulting with tenants face to face. The young people came up with the idea to make pot plants and hanging baskets to sell to tenants. The plants brightened up the estate, enabled the young people to work as a team and encouraged positive conversations to take place between the tenants and the young people.

The project was a huge success and the young people made a profit of £50 and have decided to spend it by having a pizza and film night. Thank you to all the residents of Llanfoist for your support.

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