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Giving your views online can lead to so much more!

In October 2014 we launched a new online group, recently named by its members as @myopinion. This group exists for the purpose of enabling tenants to voice their opinion on the services we offer. Through email correspondence, tenants share their views and provide comment on the services available.

There are now 50 members in this group who regularly provide feedback on a variety of services. @myopinion enables tenants to share their views in their own time in the comfort of their own home, but it doesn’t have to end there. After the group gave their feedback on Affordable Warmth, two of the group’s members attended a meeting with Charter to further discuss their opinions and experiences of heating their homes.

During the meeting both were asked what motivated them to attend. Some of their reasons were high heating bills, a concern over increasing fuel prices, homes that don’t retain heat and a concern over the comfort of more vulnerable tenants in their homes.

Pat is one member of @myopinion who attended the Affordable Warmth meeting, he had this to stay about his experience of being part of the group so far;

“Being an online group means less rigid demands on my  time and also gives me a chance to consider my views and respond carefully and concisely. My experience so far has been positive in every way and has also allowed me insights into what Charter is doing to provide services their tenants and how legislation is changing.”

Get involved by signing up to @myopinion, there are plenty of opportunities to voice your opinion and help us to shape our services.

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