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What is Anti Social Behaviour?

Anti Social Behaviour is behaviour capable of causing nuisance or annoyance.

Anti Social Behaviour can include things like:

  • Persistent nuisance
  • Noisy neighbours
  • Harrassament and intimidation
  • Threatening behaviour and/or assault


If you are affected by the behaviour of your neighbour or their visitors we may be able to help, providing you are a tenant of Charter or you are being affected by the behaviour of a Charter tenant.

Anti Social Behaviour does not include things like:

  • Children playing in the street
  • A one off party within reasonable hours and no bad behaviour
  • Funny looks
  • Gossiping


Although you may dislike someone’s behaviour it does not mean it is Anti Social Behaviour. For example we all hate bullying by children, but this is not a matter for Charter as your landlord and we would expect parents to deal with such matters.

Other useful info regarding Anti Social Behaviour


Click on the link for further information about anti-social-behaviour-and-hate-crime


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