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tenant participation incentives

Not only will you meet new people, learn new things, be listened to and help us to improve, but you will be reimbursed for any money you spend for being involved.

We can also offer incentives to encourage you to be involved.

Charter Housing - time banking

We are working with consultants Spice to develop a pilot time banking project, called Time 2 Voice. Rewards will be given to tenants for their involvement in tenant participation activities in the form of vouchers which can then be exchanged for services or entertainment in their community.


Ras James, Time2Voice Co-ordinator

For example, an hour attending a meeting could be converted into an hour’s free swim at a local leisure centre or two hours could be converted into free entry to watch Newport Dragons.



We also hope to develop rewards that support tenants to gain experience and skills, such as work placements within the Seren Group.

Charter Housing - vouchers and prizes

We offer high street vouchers and prize draws as incentives for involvement in a participation activity.

Charter Housing - training opportunities

We publicise and fund training opportunities for tenants and also include tenants in relevant staff training, to help them understand our services.

We support tenants to undertake the Chartered Institute of Housing Active Learning For Residents Certificate.

We help tenants to assess their training needs and develop the skills they need to participate at a high level, for example, join our Forward Together Panel.

Charter Housing - expenses

Tenant expenses incurred as a result of being involved are refunded, including travel, meal and child care expenses. Here you can download our Tenant Incentives Policy and Tenant Expense Claim Form.

If you would like to get involved or learn more, email


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