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Your views on how we perform is a key way for us to developing our services to ensure they meet the needs of all of our tenants.  We have two regular means of identifying how our tenants think we are doing, these are monthly surveys asking just one or two questions after an interaction between Charter and a tenant (such as a repair, or rent payment) and also a STAR survey where a large number of tenants are asked a wide range of questions.

Monthly surveys

These surveys (rated out of 10) help assess how each of our different services are working, the results are included in reports that go to Charter Board

Each quarter these responses and any other feedback we receive and are analysed and presented to Charter Management Team (CMT) to highlight where we are doing well and recommend areas that require improvement

Below are the latest results:

Estates Maintenance is still an issue for our tenants. We haven’t got the message right about what work our contractors carry out because it is clear tenants expect far more work to be carried out than what is asked of the contractors. So we’ll be publishing information on exactly what this service provides on our website and in our next tenant magazine.

Our void satisfaction has, as hoped, improved, this is measuring the quality of the home when tenants first move in. This is important because we need to make sure we are repairing any damage left by the previous tenant and making sure it is clean and feels like home when stepping through the door for the first time.

After our review of this service (found here) we have made a lot of changes so are very pleased that satisfaction has gone up.


STAR surveys

Your views on how we perform is a key way for us to developing our services to ensure they meet the needs of all of our tenants.

We have run regular large scale surveys over the years to understand your needs and used this information to learn where we need to improve our services. This links into the development of our company plan, self assessment and understanding if we are delivering on our outcomes


Latest Charter STAR results – 2015

– 80% were satisfied with the service received from us. This is down from 87% in 2012  but key areas highlighted last time have improved

Satisfaction overall scores 2015

Our focus is now on involving tenants and customers as much as possible to help improve our services and continue to improve our repairs and maintenance service



Previous STAR reports:

Charter Housing STAR survey 2012

Charter Housing STATUS Survey 2009

Previous Monthly reports:

2014-15 satisfaction survey results summary

Summary of the findings from monthly surveys in 2013/14

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