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Regulatory Assessment

The Welsh Government undertake an annual regulatory assessment of Charter Housing and the Pobl Group, of which Charter Housing is part.

The assessment sets out how effectively the housing association has met the “delivery outcomes” relating to the provision of housing and governance and financial management matters.

The regulatory assessment reports:

  • summarise an association’s strengths and areas for improvement
  • outline the level of regulatory engagement needed
  • explain the reasons for the level of engagement and describe the nature of that contact
  • reaffirm the latest financial viability judgement.

Regulatory Assessment Report 2014/15  (2015/16 not yet published)

You can download the Welsh version here – [Download not found]

You can download the English version here – Our Homes (0 downloads)

For more information on the Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations in Wales, click here

Performance Summary (2015-2016)

Find out how we are performing here

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