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Charter Outcomes

We want to see where we make a difference in our tenant’s lives and understand what could be improved.

Latest Outcomes report – Quarter 1 2016/17 (April to June 2016)

Some people have had problems accessing the Prezi report, for example if their computer doesn’t have the latest Java software. So we have also produced the views of the report into a PowerPoint presentation. While this isn’t as flexible as Prezi, it means that anyone who wants to see how we make a difference in our tenant’s lives can access this report.


So what? Do we do anything with this information?

This report goes to the senior management team so they have more understanding of what is happening and then on to Charter Board. It feeds into the company plan, self assessment and helps steer decision making so we focus on the important issues for our tenants and customers.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this new report and any suggestions you have. Please call 01633 212375 and ask for Alan Inman-Ward, email, tweet us @charterhousing, or message us on Facebook.

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