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Keeping communities safe: Trees in your area

Trees are an integral part of our landscape and make a significant contribution to the environment. They soften the impact of development and provide a green and pleasant setting in which to live.

Pobl will inspect and maintain surrounding tress to ensure they remain safe.

Things to consider when planting a tree

The maintenance of a tree planted by a tenant will remain the tenant’s responsibility. So if planting a tree we would ask you to consider the following:

• Height and spread of the tree – some trees can grow to over 30 feet tall which has a huge impact on light and can also interfere with satellite dishes and overhead wires.
• Buildings – if planted too close to your house, outbuildings or patio the root system may cause structural damage.
• Deciduous or evergreen – falling leaves from deciduous trees can be a safety hazard during the Autumn.
• Avoid Leylandii conifers – these are fast growing, evasive conifers which have been the cause of many a neighbour dispute.
• Consider growing trees in containers – there are many, pretty ornamental trees which can be grown in containers which can also be moved about the garden when you fancy a change of scenery.

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