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Fire Safety in Your Home

Pobl takes fire safety seriously. In the right conditions, flames and smoke can spread rapidly and cause considerable damage. Fires can be accidently or intentionally started, but once alight the heat and poor visibility can make it difficult for people to escape or fight the flames.

To ensure you are safe at home we carry out a number of fire safety inspections including testing the smoke detectors in your home annually, maintenance of safety systems, inspections of communal areas and fire risk assessments where required.

 If you have any concerns regarding fire safety in your property, please contact us to speak to a member of our Compliance Team

Safety advice to follow at home

Please make sure that you test smoke alarms regularly, have a fire escape plan and make sure everyone in your household is familiar with it. Check everything is safe and switched off before going to bed.

If you live in a block of apartments, please make sure that communal areas, such as corridors and stair wells, are kept clear. Never store personal belongings or rubbish in communal areas – this is a serious fire risk.

Additional advice available

If you feel that you would like some more advice on specific fire risks within your property call your local fire and rescue service on Phone FREE on 0800 169 1234 for a home safety visit by Fire and Rescue Service personnel.​​​

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