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Our Charter newsletter recently underwent a makeover when the name changed from Contact magazine to @charterhousing, it is published three to four times a year. As well as changing the name, the format was also redesigned and is now published as a newspaper.

The feedback so far is that you like this new format and design, enjoying the newspaper style and finding it easy to recycle. Thanks to your feedback we were able to adjust font style and size as well as the colours we use in the design to suit what you want. Not only are you enjoying this new format, but it has also reduced printing and distribution costs.

If you would like to be involved in @charterhousing by writing an article or as part of our editorial group then please get in touch. This is a great opportunity to get involved if you have a flair for writing or love to read!

If you have any feedback on the @charterhousing newspaper or would like to get involved in the writing process, then please let us know by emailing

Follow the links below to read past issues of contact magazine and @charterhousing.

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Charter housing @cherter Magazine - Autumn 2015Charter housing @cherter Magazine - Summer 2015Charter housing @cherter Magazine - Spring 2015




Charter housing @cherter Magazine - Winter 2014Charter housing @cherter Magazine - Autumn 2014Charter housing @cherter Magazine - Summer 2014Charter housing Contact Magazine - Spring 2014








Charter housing Contact Magazine - Spring 2013Charter housing Contact Magazine - Summer 2013Charter housing Contact Magazine - Autumn 2013Charter housing Contact Magazine - Winter 2013








Charter housing Contact Magazine - Winter 2012Charter housing Contact Magazine - Autumn 2012Charter housing Contact Magazine - Summer 2012Charter housing Contact Magazine - Spring 2012


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