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We have over 5,000 homes across South East Wales. We have a wide range of homes in Newport, Monmouthshire, South Torfaen and in the East of Caerphilly County.

Please follow the links below to find out how to apply for homes in the area of your choice.

Charter Housing - newport

To apply for homes in Newport click here

Charter Housing - monmouthshire

To apply for homes in Monmouthshire click here

Charter Housing - torfaen

To apply for homes in Torfaen click here

Charter Housing - caerphilly

To apply for homes in Caerphilly click here

Please note that we have now closed our waiting list for Caerphilly County as the Common Housing Register is now live.

Other housing options

Seren Living offer a great choice of high quality affordable homes to buy and rent across South East Wales. Click here for more information.

Click on the link to find out more about options-for-moving

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For more information on this subject or on any other matter relating to Charter Housing, please contact us via telephone on 01633 212375. Alternatively you can use our online form or send us an email.

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