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EVIE takes to the road

The Charter Event Vehicle took its inaugural trip this week when it rolled into Heol Hamelin, Abergavenny to host a resident ‘window surgery’, and was greeted by a queue of residents eagerly waiting to talk to staff!

Residents were invited, via a range of media including letter, text, facebook and twitter to come along to the surgery to discuss any problems inherent with their windows, as well as other tenancy related issues, with a Team of staff from across Charter.


A maintenance surveyor was also on hand to visit resident’s properties, as well as Charter building maintenance who were kept extremely busy fixing seals and replacing handles.

The ‘window surgery’ was an innovative response to the outcomes of a recent tenant survey undertaken by Charter, where Heol Hamelin residents indicated they were happy with their homes but there were areas such as the windows, that could be improved. Installed over 20 years ago, general wear and tear to the windows have generally taken their toll.

Overall EVIE’s first journey was an overwhelming success, with lots of positive feedback received from the residents. The residents were extremely pleased to welcome the bus to their Estate and were very impressed that staff could respond to their queries on the spot. They felt very strongly that their issues had been taken seriously and that they had been listened to.

Next stop
More window surgeries – Bolt Close and Barrackswood, Newport
Moneysavers hit the road – offering advice to residents affected by welfare reform

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