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Earn Money by Renting a Room in your Home

Have you considered taking in a lodger? If you have a spare bedroom you could generate additional income* and at the same time assist someone who is struggling to find suitable affordable accommodation.

Taking in a lodger is not only a good way to earn extra income, they can also provide extra security if you are away from home. A lodger can sometimes become a friend or a good companion for people who live alone.

Before taking in a lodger  you will need to obtain written permission from your landlord. It is also advisable to inform your insurers. Not all types of tenancy agreement allow you to take in a  lodger so contact your Neighbourhood Manager for advice before you make any arrangements.

*You need to be aware that if you are in receipt of a means tested benefit or receive single person discount on your Council Tax, these will currently be affected if you decide to take in a lodger.


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