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With a third of Charter Housing’s tenants still not online, the Newport-based housing association are on a mission to get more tenants online, trained up and accessing the wide benefits of our growing digital economy.

Charter recently joined forces with Computers Recycling UK to give five lucky families the opportunity to win a complete laptop package including; connectivity via a dongle and the offer of a 10 hour tutorial with Charter’s Digital Inclusion team to get them up and running and online.

Stephen Dixon, Charter Digital Inclusion Officer said ‘It’s critical for social housing providers to help their tenants to get online – both to prepare them for the introduction of Universal Credit, which is managed on line, or to help them get jobs and manage their finances.

‘Too many Charter tenants remain digitally excluded, and do not have internet access, this competition further reinforces our commitment to achieving digital inclusion for people of all ages living in our communities’.

With over 100 entries, the 5 winners were thrilled to receive their packages. One of the winners, father of four Stuart Taylor from Abergavenny said “This is great, I will be able to use the laptop in so many ways, from paying my bills to online shopping.  I am looking forward to surfing the net!, and my eldest daughter can use it for her school work’.

Computer and internet accessibility has rapidly become a necessity, those not on line can miss out on a host of opportunities ranging from employment, (20% of all work advertised last year was only advertised on line), to online banking, holidays, online shopping offers and preferential lending rates.

Social housing residents are far behind other tenures in terms of internet access. According to research by Ipsos Mori, in November 2012 only 64 per cent of housing association tenants had access to the internet, compared with 94% of mortgage holders and 88% of private renters.

The laptop competition was run in conjunction with Computers Recycling UK, who refurbish quality computers for resale.  For more information about affordable pcs and laptops contact them on 01443 434675. PCs start from £99 and laptops from £149.




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