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Are you eligible for a free laptop?



*Please note that this offer is ONLY available to Charter Housing tenants in the South Wales area.

Charter tenants in Monmouthshire are being invited to take part in a scheme to apply for a free computer or laptop.

Tenants looking to get back into work or attend college are being encouraged to ‘go digital’ by the Job Centre, as part of the Get Online at Home Project. If you are in receipt of benefits and have issues accessing a computer, then you may be eligible, subject to an assessment by the job centre.

Charter Housing’s Digital team is helping to promote the scheme, with staff supporting any tenants who need help with using a computer or building up their confidence online searching for jobs. The Job Centre is particularly keen to support tenants who live in remote areas where access to IT is unavailable.The aim of the scheme is to boost tenants’ chances of employment and training, and to improve their incomes as a result.

If you would like to apply for a PC or laptop, get in touch with your local job centre or contact Charter’s Digital team on 01633 678514 for support.


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