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Charter Housing - we dont just collect rent

Charter Housing - money advice

Some people living in our homes often worry about how they are going to make ends meet. This can be a huge burden to some. That’s why at Charter, we offer our tenants advice on how to pay their rent, how to apply for benefits and help with debt management. After all, every little helps!

Charter Housing - tackling nuisance behaviour

We have a specialist team who immediately respond to complaints about serious anti-social behaviour and hate crime. Our nuisance prevention team are highly skilled. They meet both the people who suffer from anti-social behaviour and the people who cause it, to try to help resolve problems. The team can call upon independent mediators and, if all other avenues fail, are able to prepare their own Court actions to ensure disputes are dealt with quickly.

Charter Housing - repairing your home

We spend time and money making sure our homes are the very best they can be for people. We plan our home improvements years in advance and tenant feedback helps us to continue to deliver new and improved services.

Cherter Housing - looking after your environment

We take great pride in keeping your gardens, estates and communities well maintained. There may be a weekly charge for this service, but the good news is that we do all the hard work for you!

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